Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bust The Crust - Boogie Wipes Review

I have to admit the first time that I saw a package of Boogie Wipes in the store I laughed and then thought to myself I am good with a baby wipe and a washcloth and then cold season hit. Being on my 5th package with number 6 already waiting in the closet, they have quickly become one of my new favorite baby/kid products. Being a mom of a baby unfortunate to be born with bad sinuses and a perpetual runny nose and a mother to a preschooler with sensory issues who hates to have his face washed, I soon realized these are a necessity in every diaper bag. They really do work better than a washcloth or a regular wet wipe and they smell great!!!!

The packaging states that Boogie Wipes are gentle saline wipes for little noses. Use for quick, effective clean up and relief of stuck on boogies caused by the common cold and allergies. Unique formula to dissolve mucous, moisturizes with vitamin E, chamomile and aloe, alcohol free, hypoallergenic and gentle enough for all ages.

I am very excited - I am in contact with the maker's of Boogie Wipes and they agreed to support my blog by providing one of my reader's a free sample of their product. So come back soon and let your friends know that a give-away contest will be coming real soon!

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