Saturday, March 21, 2009

Can't Wait for April

Yes, indeed March is National Social Work Month for those of you who were not aware. To celebrate, my son's school has a big nice table set up with a poster board sign and lots of handouts right in the hallway where we have to wait for his teacher every morning.

As you will see this is a two part rant.

First, let me give you a little background information - my son's preschool is a special needs school so there are lots of children with attention issues who can not help themselves to not touch everything! Why would you place a table in the middle of hyper active children who have enough challenges in the morning? I have laughed every morning when the social worker comes out of her office and mumbles "oh, someone knocked over my sign again" she kidding?

Secondly, as I was picking up one of the papers that my kids knocked to the floor (6 times) I decided to read it. "Guidelines for Good Parenting", number 1 - "Children only act the way they are taught to act". All I have to say is #$!@. I am sorry, I never taught my son to run through the hallways knocking over every child he sees like bowling pins. I assure you that is not how I act in the grocery store nor his father at work. I may have yelled "Oh come on" in traffic a time or two while in his presence but never did I run up to a child and scream in his/her face because that felt more comfortable to me than to say hello.

These are the actions that keep my up at night feeling sorry for my son, trying to constantly try different things to work on these behaviors - isn't that good parenting? I disagree with that paper and wish it wasn't there. Can't wait for April!!

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