Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ohio Woman Arrested - Just Have to Comment

When I first started this blog my intentions for it was a place to put my recipes, crafts, tips on preschool special education, some reviews and possibly some give-aways. I also vowed to myself that any and all comments would be neutral but I can not be quite any longer.

I read in the paper the other day about a woman in Ohio who was arrested for child endangerment. This woman is the ultimate multi-tasker as she was driving, breastfeeding and talking on the phone. Is the whole world losing their mind?!!?!?!?

According to the reports the mother is noted as saying "what was she supposed to do, her child was hungry?". There are plenty of time my children were hungry in the car. One of the reason for directional signals in the car is so you can pull-over, safely! It is also documented that the child was under two and was placed across the steering wheel. I do not want the local "La Leche" group picketing on my front lawn but if your child can walk, talk, say I'm thirsty and lift your shirt -- start giving them nutrients from food not the boob!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Ok I did breastfeed all 3 of my kids to some longer than others (just because I feel a little guilty or I have to justify it for myself) it gets harder the more kids you have and the more activities the older kids are involved in but I would/could never manage to do all that at the same time... Maybe once when my husband was driving and i was in the back seat I breastfeed while the car was moving but I remember how unsafe it felt and we pulled over ASAP!!! Sorry but I had to comment
WHAT THE *@*#! was she thinking But on the other hand I am also impressed talk about an accomplished multi-tasker!!!