Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Games We Play

Although we do not have a particular "Family Game Night" , playing board games with children of all ages is something that I believe is a great learning tool besides the fact that it is a great bonding experience where everyone is settled down and focusing on having fun together! We try to play games together several times a week.

My four year old loves playing games with me and I use his enthusiasm as a tool to get our "speech therapy homework" accomplished. Before he is allowed to take his turn he must first accomplish his task whether pronounce a word correctly or blow a horn to work on building his muscle tone. Sometimes he is so involved in playing a game that he does not realize that he is also getting speech practice in at the same time.

If a game is to difficult for him to understand or the little guy wants to play too, I just change the rules a little to make it more fun for all. Playing board games help teach them turn-taking, healthy competition, communication skills, vocabulary, visual perception, eye hand coordination and to focus their attention.

Here are some of our recent favorites:

1. Bouncin Bunnies by I-Play

2. Candy Land Castle Game by Milton Bradley

3. Cookin' Cookies Lunch Box Game by Fundex

4. Don't Wake Daddy by Parker Bros.

5. Matching Middles Oreo Game by Fisher Price

What are your favorite board games to play with your children?


Nifty Nique said...

I'm 25 and we host a "game" night just about every week. We play more adult games like Apples to Apples (my personal favorite, balderdash, scattergories. Everyone loves board games!

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

That Oreo game is adorable! Our fave right now is Lucky Duck.


pucktricks said...

We love the Eric Carle board games. Also our kids love the Cranium treasure hunt game, which I can't remember the name of right now.

The DeMarcus Family said...

we are big into games here too.
Our favorites are Cariboo and Hi Ho Cherry Oh. My oldest loves Candy Land and we also have the Candy land castle game.
The Dr. Suess games are great too.
We love Horton Hears a Who game and I can Do that game.. perfect for the 4 year olds.