Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday - Sticking To My Budget

In an effort to keep our money budgeted my new plan is to purchase a store gift card and try to stick to that amount monthly. For instance, for groceries and miscellaneous items that I usually pick up at Target I would put no more than $50.00 at a time. I always have extra cash on me just in case I go over but I spend a lot less when I "think" I only have $50.00.

Since I like to play along with the CVS $5.00 Challenge on Keeping the Kingdom First, I put $15.00 on the card. It adds an extra spin to the game as I see how long I can keep the card going for using my coupons and Extra Bucks plus it stops me from going crazy at the register on things I don't need like lip balm and candy!


Lisa said...

That is a great idea, I need to do this at Wal-mart and force myself to stay with the gift card amount and not use any cash!

shopannies said...

I have thought about doing this for groceries etc... things that have budgeted for certian amounts this would help me keep it all straight