Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stamped Letters

Today we played with concrete stepping stone letter stamps and play- doh. Unfortunately, my well thought out plan did not go so well. I did not realize when I bought the stamps that there was a letter on each side, which made it very difficult for the boys to try and look for the letters that they needed.

I made cards for them to match the letters to, of different items such as animals that we recently saw at a local animal farm,

favorite characters,

different family members,

and ourselves.

The letters stamped very well into the dough but I just think that my boy's were to young for this one, although they did have fun. Then again they always do when there is play doh involved.

Why we need to work a little harder on letter recognition:
2 year old: I need the rainbow!! = letter c
4 year old: I need a number 2!! = letter A

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