Monday, August 10, 2009

$5.00 CVS Challenge - My Week 18

Trip 1 -
The following items plus the local Sunday newspaper without sales, coupons and previously earned Extra Bucks would have cost a total of $23.18 but I paid $6.99.

Trip 2 -
The following items would have cost a total of $37.97 without sales, coupons and the Extra Bucks earned in trip 1 but I paid a total of $7.00 out of pocket.

Here are this week's totals:
Total Amount of Merchandise (prior to discounts) - $61.14
Total Spent Out of Pocket - $13.99
Savings - $47.15
Extra Bucks Remaining - $6.00
Interested on how to get the best deals? Check out my post on how I make CVS work for me!

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