Sunday, August 16, 2009

My New Blog

Concrete Cowgirl Cooks...

I would like to introduce you to my new blog, Concrete Cowgirl Cooks! Please stop by when you get the chance and follow me along my cooking journey with Ree Drummond, also known as The Pioneer Woman. I plan on working my way through her delicious recipes one at a time just like the now famous "Julie/Julia Project" but with Biscuits and Gravy instead of Boeuf Bourguignon!

Unlike Julie from the blog, book and movie, I have NO real "joy" of cooking, actually I do not like it and I hate cleaning up from making dinner even more! I also lack ambition and cooking creativity and since I am truly a baker at heart, lack any confidence to shake things up a bit.

Why Ree - her recipes are approachable, her skill of writing invites you to try, while her photography "holds your hand" as you go along.

No, I am not trying to get a book deal or movie (especially since I don't know who the perfect star to play my part would be)...I am just learning to make some delicious meals for my family to work into my now non-existent repertoire so we are a not stuck with Meatloaf Mondays, Turkey Tuesdays, etc.

I hope in the end, I can really "WOW' my family, friends and myself with my cooking...wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Fun idea! We love her Marlboro Man sandwich!!

Barb said...

I have tried a couple of her recipes, the bacon wrapped crackers are a HUGE hit with my Son! Also tried the corn and wild rice dish she recommends for Thanksgiving. Oh my!! Delish!!
She is so darn funny too!
Love your blog........ Barb

JM - The Princess said...

Anonymous, thanks for the heads up on the Marlboro Man sandwich. Have not tried that one yet but it is on my list. Enjoy!

JM - The Princess said...

Hi Barb, I did not have a way to contact you (no reply e-mail) so I figured I would write you back here. Thanks for the lovely compliment. I will have to add the two PW recipes that you mentioned to my list as I have not tried them yet. Don't forget to stop by to check on my progress!!