Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fun Dinner With The Kids

"Hairy Hot Dogs"
I love the fact that because my husband is a fireman there are plenty of occasions that he works nights, especially because I can get away with making this for dinner!!!!

The boys and I had lots of fun putting the hot dogs on to the spaghetti.

Just throw in a pot of boiling water and here is the result (sorry for the overly bright picture - my flash was a little screwy tonight).

I originally saw this done on the blog Plum Pudding.

But we jazzed them up a bit by adding some of the Velveeta cheese sauce from a package of Kraft Velveeta Shells and Cheese (I saved the pasta shells for an upcoming dinosaur project that we will be making).

The boys loved them but I got a little nervous that it might be a choking hazard for my little guy so I cut his up, which did not make him to happy.


mamatutwo said...

Now that is too cute. I will definitely have to try that with my kiddos...but like you, I might have to wait 'til the hubby's working late!

mommagurl32 said...

Love this idea...I just showed my husband and he was majorly impressed and wants to try it! He'll probably be the one who actually makes it! The boys love this kind of stuff. Thanks!

Lynn said...

I popped over here from Kristen's blog. It sounds like we have a lot in common (except I have two girls). This post is just hilarious! What a fun idea. Oh, and I *heart* Velveeta cheese.

The Activity Mom said...

ahhhh I love this! I'm going to try this. My son won't eat hotdogs yet but I love how long it will take him to put the noodles in. =)