Monday, August 10, 2009

Tot School - Farm/Garden Theme Part 2

Grammie came to visit the boys this week so we focused a little more on "Life School" which included shopping at the mall, restaurants, lots of swimming in the pool and the boys first play which we saw at a local children's theatre.

I have to apologize at the lack of pictures of the boys actually doing their activities this week, but it always seemed that when we were working on our planned "Tot School" activities my camera was outside by the pool and I was to hot, tired and lazy to go get it.

In honor of our second week of Garden/Farm themed activities we played this old game a lot. (I just realized that I had two of these games in the closet).
We took some rocks from the boy's "collection" that reside in one of our gardens and wrote a letter on each so that both boy's would have there name. This was a learning technique that I was asked to try by a dear friend to help my son learn the letters of his name. I will be writing a separate post about this activity soon.

The big guy worked on a "What Does Not Belong" worksheet that I printed from my Kid membership. This was so easy for him (one of his big strengths is visual concepts), it took him seconds to put his "X"s on the items that did not belong.

Although we continued to work on the letter "C" for carrot, I also worked on "Beginning Sounds" with the boys using little barns printed from Kid Soup. It was great practice although the boys did have some difficulties. There were several pictures for each of the letters (H, P, C and D).

I also tried another Upper and Lower case letter match-up game (again from Kid Soup) with the big guy, he did much better than he did with our beach/ocean themed one. I am thinking it was easier for him since it was on a smaller scale plus the clothes pins are a great fine motor exercise.

I also printed this great "chick" pattern pages for the big guy, he had trouble with some of them (there were 5 or so pages) but all in all he did a great job.

We read the same books over that we read last week which you can see them listed in my original Garden/Farm theme post.

Don't forget to check back next week for some more of our fun themed ideas. We haven't started anything yet today but I think we will be doing "Dinosaurs".
In the mean time, if you are interested in the fun ways that other's are teaching their tot's, stop by 1+1+1=1.


Michelle said...

Great activities!!!

Susana said...

OK, this does it, I am joining Kid Soup tonight:-). I've looked at it over and over since seeing it on your blog and I am officially joining tonight:-)--the activities look super! Are you really enjoying it?

We enjoy that Old MacDonald game too--love your rocks!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

I love the clothespin clip letter activity. Great ideas!!

Raising a Happy Child said...

It sounds like a good week! Did the pattern page also come from KidsSoup? I am looking for a fun way to practice patterns with my daughter, so far she is not exactly getting the idea.

JM - The Princess said...

Hello "Raising A Happy Child",

I just sent you an e-mail but I figured I would respond here also in case someone else had the same questions.

Here is the link for the pattern practice from Making Learning Fun =

The Activity Mom said...

I'm loving the pattern cards!

Aadhar Institute said...
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LED grow lights said...

the clothespin clip letter activity.really grate idea...