Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Reward/Activity Jar

This week's Works for Me Wednesday theme is solving summer boredom ideas for kid's and here is our solution:

We have made a Reward/Fun Activity Jar (I know the jar could use a little decoration. Every day when I see it on top of my fridge, I can hear my paint markers calling!)

This jar has been with us for some time now and originally came about as a discipline tool for our 4 year old, who has been diagnosed with PDD-NOS. Our biggest challenge with him at the time was discipline as no punishment and reward system was working but I did realize that he loves to be in control. My simple solution - if you behave you choose our afternoon fun-time activity. He actually seemed even more attentive to our afternoon time because "he picked". It also "reminded" me to do things that on a busy hectic day I just don't think of including toys and items that are packed away in the back of the closet.

The papers inside have changed many times, with new ones being added all the time. There are also doubles of things that the boys really love to do such as go to a playground, nature walk, etc. The following is just a sample -

Another thing that my son sometimes struggles with is imaginative play so I started to include theme days. These days usually end up playing dress up, trip to the library and some special snack.

The possibilities are endless!


Jennifer said...

Great idea-- I love the theme days! =)

Happy WFMW!

Jenny said...

What a cute idea! The theme day is so fun!

Jane Anne said...

I love the jar idea! I think I might have a jar like that for those "boredom days" - a little twist on the reward jar. I also love that your jar isn't decorated. It's good to see that I am not the only one that doesn't have time to make everything cute. :)

I am sharing a WFMW tip for cleaning summer cuts and scrapes: WFMW: Summer Soap

UKZoe said...

Amazing how many of us have been putting activities on slips of paper in jars, folders or tins!

Jenny said...

Looks fun! :)

Michie said...

I love the theme days idea! It could be as simple or involved as you want. Can my four year old and I come over and play with you and your kids?

Jennifer said...

That is such a great idea!I would love to try something like that with my son who has problems with moving from one activity to another.Could you please tell me where you got all the activitys you pinted off to put in the jar?