Saturday, June 27, 2009

Best $45.00 Spent In A Long Time

My sons have been asking for water guns for so long now but for some reason I kept saying NO!!!

My hesitation was not because of any anti-gun issues but more on the lines that my children did not want a shooter of the Dollar Store variety they wanted "big ones, that go far", I did not see the need in spending $40.00 on two toy guns and truly my last reason was purely selfish - I did not want to get up to constantly refill them since at 2 and 4 they are not able to do that themselves.

Well at a recent trip to Toys R' Us, the boys saw their dream....


and after some debate the boys won. Now kept in mind, we are in no way being reimbursed by Fisher-Price for proclaiming our love of their product but I think the pictures below say it all....

Keep in mind that I lost count somewhere around 32, that is the number of times I would have gotten up to refill their guns. Instead I got to sit back, watch, take pictures, laugh and occasionally get wet. What a blast!!!!!

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Mama Nut said...

My boys would have no idea how to use those! LOL. My hubby got them some squirt guns once and they were like, what the heck are these? Where are the trains?

Looks like they had a blast!