Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Super Boy says "I Can't Eat"!!

Do you see it?

Look real close...right in the middle? A little blue spot!!

Here is the story...

my two year old frequently goes through phases with not eating dinner but since he loves his fruit and veggies and has a belly that would make Buddha proud, I am generally not concerned when he decides he does not want much to eat at dinner time.

Last night I asked him..."why aren't you eating"?

His reply - "there's play doh on the table"!!!!!!

Has my child not been eating on occasion because of a microscopic crumb or spec of crayon? Is there such a thing as toddler OCD? I actually checked and from what I found, Pediatric OCD usually presents itself around the ages of 7 - 10 so I guess we're safe but in the mean time I vow to always have a clean table (and add a maginfying glass to my kitchen gadget drawer)!!!

On a good note - I now know his eyesight is equal to an owl or Superman!!!

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