Thursday, July 9, 2009

100th Post - 100 Things About Me

In honor of my blog's 100th post and in keeping up with blogging tradition, here is a list of 100 things that you may or may not know about me:

10 Things That I Love -
1. My children
2. My husband
3. My family
4. Camping
5. The smell of a sweaty horse mixed with leather
6. Amish and Mennonite Communities, especially Farmer's Markets and Quilts
7. Photography
8. Sunrises
9. The sound of my children's laughter
10. The absolute delight on my children's face and the sound of the voice when they are excited, especially when they see something cool for the first time

10 Things That I Hate -
11. People who make rude and hurtful comments unknowingly. Such as my mom's friend who wanted to know why my hair was going so grey or the extended family member who told my friend that she was nervous that I brought my son to her house.
12. People who talk during movies (although I myself am guilty of this)
13. Traffic
14. Spiders and all bugs in general
15. Raising my voice to my kids
16. Rodents
17. The smell of anything menthol
18. The smell of licorice
19. Cleaning out my car
20. The end of a fun day

10 Favorite Foods -
21. Baked Macaroni & Cheese
22. Barbecued Brisket
23. Lobster
24. Sushi
25. Aunt Nina's Cheesecake
26. Pulled Pork Sandwiches
27. Baked Beans
28. Hot Dogs with Cole Slaw
29. Baked Ham
30. Christmas cookies

10 Favorite Movies -
(I know my favorites are a little eclectic)
31. Jaws
32. Gone With The Wind
33. Amityville Horror
34. The Omen
35. The Exorcist
36. Audrey Rose
37. Anything with Doris Day
38. It's A Wonderful Life
39. Roman Holiday
40. Silkwood

10 Favorite Songs/Bands -
(almost as eclectic as my movie favs)
41. Shameless - Garth Brooks
42. Original Sin - Elton John
43. Anything Metallica
44. Anything Led Zeppelin
45. Anything Christmas especially Bing Crosby
46. Anything Bee Gees
47. Saturday Night Fever soundtrack
48. Anything Tim Mc Graw
49. She Moved Through The Fair (An Irish song)
50. A Frog Went A Courtin' - Lauri Berkner (sing this one even without the kids being around)

10 Places I Have Been -
51. Hawaii
52. Florida
53. New Mexico
54. Texas
55. California
56. Italy
57. England
58. Ireland
59. Minnesota
60. Las Vegas

10 Places I Would Love To Go/Or Go Back -
61. Greece
62. Egypt
63. Tahiti
64. Hawaii
65. Ireland
66. Canada
67. Maine
68. Seattle
69. San Diego Zoo
70. Germany

10 Things I Would Like To Change About Me -
71. Have more patience
72. Be more forgiving
73. Not be so judgemental of myself
74. Lose 2 year old "baby weight"
75. Pay more attention to my own health
76. Not be afraid of heights
77. Be a better cook
78. Not be so obsessive over certain things
79. Show my emotions more
80. Not care what others think

10 People I Would Love To Meet -
81. Martha Stewart
82. Stephen King
83. Oprah Winfrey
84. Ellen DeGeneres
85. Carey Grant (I know he died but I would have love to have met him)
86. Audrey Hepburn (I know she is gone too)
87. Walt Disney (I have to get off the dead theme)
88. Paula Deen
89. Temple Grandin
90. Josh Holloway

10 Favorite Things Growing Up -
91. Reading Little Women
92. Watching Little House on The Prairie
93. Horses
94. The Smurfs
95. Reading Shel Silverstein's Where The Sidewalk Ends
96. Playing board games with friends, especially Monopoly and Pay Day
97. Riding my bike
98. Camping with my family
99. Saturday nights watching Dance Fever, Solid Gold and The Love Boat
100. Going with my Dad every Thursday night for ice-cream and stickers for my collection.


Christy said...

Great list. I find myself singing Laurie Berkner without the kids around too.

Michie said...

I like how you broke up your list. :) I'm eclectic too - and we must be from the same generation, as I had a sticker collection and remember Solid Gold too. I'm also guilty of enjoying Laurie Berkner - maybe more so than my daughter! :)
I just found out she has a special on Noggin tonight, and I set the DVR!