Sunday, July 26, 2009

$5.00 CVS Challenge - My Week 16

All of the above items (plus a 20 ounce bottle of Diet Coke and a local Sunday newspaper) would have cost a total of $82.23 without any sales, coupons or previously earned Extra Bucks but I paid a total of $10.87 out of pocket (a savings of $71.36)plus I earned an additional $12.97 in Extra Bucks for next week's shopping. So again if you think about it, I earned $2.10 towards next week's shopping to come home with all of this stuff!! Not to shabby!

I will not bore you with the breakdown on exactly how this transaction played out but if you are interested just add a comment and I will break it down for you.

Since next week's circular will be for August, here is the breakdown for my July spending:
Total Amount of Merchandise Purchased (prior to sales, coupons, etc): $349.09
Total Amount Spent Out of Pocket: $59.43
Total Savings: $289.66
Total Extra Bucks Remaining: $12.87

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