Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Can You Make A Volcano?

My son must have been dreaming of Hawaii or Hawadi as he calls it because when my 4 year old woke up yesterday morning the first words out of his mouth were "Can you make me a volcano"?.

Can I make you a volcano? Don't you know by now that I am Super Crafty Mommy?

Well, I guess I was wrong, as I quickly found out I can not make a volcano.

After a quick search online I settled on the directions posted at Mom's Who Think but unfortunately the "dough" you are supposed to make just kept sliding off of the bottle despite the fact that it was sticking to the kids and myself just fine.

Although it did erupt I did not add enough food coloring to our "lava" because it was more like a subtle pink then hot red.

But look at the joy on his face.... he loved it anyway!

He thanked me over and over last night for making him a volcano.
Now, does anyone have a plan to build a better volcano? I would love to really wow him!

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