Friday, April 17, 2009

$5.00 CVS Challenge - Week 1, Part 2

OOOhhhhh Yeahhhh!!! All this stuff for .27 out of pocket and .26 of that was the tax!!! Plus, I earned an additional $5.99 in Extra Bucks!!

Close your eyes real tight, can you envision me patting myself on the back? Actually, I am sending out a virtual high-five to Keeping The Kingdom First and Deal Seaking Mom and all the other bloggers that have turned me on to the CVS $5.00 Challenge!!!

Here is the breakdown:

Plastic Totes were $2.79 but I got them both on clearance for .36 each

The Shampoo and Deodorant were on sale for 2/$5.00 but I had a $1.00 off coupon for each plus I earned $2.00 in EB for purchasing them making them .50 each.

The toothpaste was on sale for $3.99 but I had a coupon for $1.00 off plus I earned $3.99 in Extra Bucks ****so I made a $1.00 for buying this product (got to love that!)

The paper towels were $1.29 a roll as they were not on sale but a big package is on sale next week so I wanted to try them out first.

To bring my total down, I paid using $7.99 in Extra Bucks that I earned from my first trip this week!!

Now if all that math was not enough, here is a break-down of all my purchases this week -

Out of Pocket - $21.82

Amount of Merchandise Purchased (Before Sales & Coupons) - $47.24

Extra Bucks Earned - $15.98!!!

Well above the $5.00 challenge but I think I am on the right track!

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