Friday, April 24, 2009

Flubber Fun!!!

We made "Flubber" yesterday so we could have a little sensory fun. After searching online for a good recipe we decided to use the one over at Play, Explore and Learn.

It is hard to tell from behind the binky but he is totally disgusted at the idea of even looking at this blob let alone touch it. Very different from his older brother....

who craves sensory input and if I told him it was okay to bathe in it he would
After about a half an hour. and many sing-alongs to Laurie Berkner's "We Are The Dinosaurs", the little one was able to poke at it with two fingers with me as we pretended to be dinosaurs marching through it.

Now for the kill-joy moment...while searching the web for recipes I did find this WARNING...

Safety of Borax

The following recipes contain Borax, which is a toxic substance. The experiments should not be done in the kitchen nor near food or food preparation areas. Limit the time children are exposed to it, and tell them never to put it near their mouths, nor eat until their hands are washed. If they have an upset stomach or rash afterwards, push fluids, and the symptoms should go away. When interest has waned, use to kill ants somewhere away from children and pets.

I was a little nervous because that is who I am by nature but how bad could the stuff be, it has been around since 1891. Then I thought what if it was still 1891 and I did not do such a good job rinsing my laundry that I just washed with Borax. What if my child sucked on the sleeve of their shirt or used it to wipe their nose?
Then I found this information -

Borax is widely and diversely used, e.g., as a mild antiseptic, a cleansing agent, a water softener, a corrosion inhibitor for antifreeze, a flux for silver soldering, and in the manufacture of enamels, shellacs, heat-resistant glass (e.g., Pyrex), fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, and other chemicals. It is sometimes used as a preservative but is toxic if consumed in large doses.

I threw caution to the wind today and I am glad that I did because everyone had a great time.

I did make sure that nobody put it or their hands by their face until I could wash them up good!!!!!


Jenny and the Princess Peonies said...

Looks like you guys had fun! I will have to try this.

lara said...

Don't just love the flubber. My boys ended up playing with it for days!