Monday, April 6, 2009

Inspirational People - Jonathan Jay

I met an extraordinary young man this week. Well, I didn't actually "meet" him, I stalked him but nonetheless, he is now and always will be a part of me. I am not even sure how I found him, you know, a click here, a click there - all I know is that I am so glad that I now know Jonathan Jay White.

You see, I am in my thirties and still have so many fears in my life. Fears that I could never put down on paper, never share, sometimes I am so gripped with fear that I am paralyzed by it. Right now I am going through some medical problems and am scared but as I sit here and wait for the doctor appointments I can't stop thinking of Jonathan and his family and only hope that I can learn to have half the strength that Jonathan and his Dad encompass.

I am not a big religious person but I do believe in prayer and hope. HOPE is half the battle. For anyone, sick or not, hope is life - you can not live without the hope of tomorrow or a rainbow after a storm.

My new friend, Jonathon is sick actually very sick and yet at only 15 years old he is probably the most eloquent, strong, brave, funny, heartfelt, honest young man I have ever encountered.

Here is one of Jonathon's favorite quotes that I took from Jonathon and his Dad's blog:

Life passes by in a glance, Time blinks its eye…And all become a memory. Slow down and savor the precious moments, they are fleeting.

Something everyone should listen to.

I know my blog is usually light-hearted and full of crafts, recipes and whimsy kids, etc. but hey life is full of ups and downs, right. Meeting Jonathon Jay was definitely an up for me.

If you have some time, stop by their blogs or and if you don't have time to visit - please take 5 minutes to pray for my friend and his family!

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