Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Working on Number Recognition

The power of the piggy bank is truly working at our house...

My son has been having some real trouble learning his numbers despite our efforts at home and at his special education preschool that he attends five days a week. The odd thing is, he knew how to count to ten over a year ago but somehow forgot, he just seems to be getting stuck around six or seven.

We started a new game with him at home that really seems to be working with his number recognition. My husband had a great idea of using the digital numbers on his piggy bank to help him learn. We started the first night with 4 random coins (to change the amount displayed on the screen). We then asked him what numbers were there, with a lot of coaxing and some help he was able to say them, he got a few wrong the first go around but we were truly impressed by how well he did. For each number right he gets a coin, and when the game is done he deposits them into the bank (great for working on fine motor skills) changing the numbers for the next night's game.

He loves the rewards he is receiving and I can see his confidence growing nightly.


lara said...

OMG! Great idea! My son is really struggling with numbers. Where did you get the piggy?

Princess Mommy said...

Lara, I tried to e-mail you back but realized that I couldn't through Google. I bought the bank in the clearance section of Target a couple of year's ago but I do think that I saw similar ones at Toys R' Us.