Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fish In A Bag Soap

After some (a whole lot) of hesitation I finally made the "Fish-In-A-Bag Soap" as favors for my son's pirate themed 4th birthday!

Thanks to the awesome tutorial from Little Birdie Secrets they are all done! A few had to be re-made at the time since it was very late at night and I kept making the same mistakes but the tutorial has lots of great pictures and great directions so I did not feel like I was a fish out of water (sorry, I could not help myself).

Here is a picture of one that I made-

I also made tags to hang from each one, which I folded in half, punched a hole in and hung from the tops. One side has a picture of a little pirate bear and has my son's birthday info and info on the soap such as ingredients, etc and the other side has a picture of a pirate parrot and I put the following little poem:

I like pirates, can't you see,
and pirates swim with the fish of the sea
That is why my mom made this soap for you and me!

Here is the finished favor!!


Little Birdie Secrets said...

What a cute party idea! Wow. Thanks for sharing your pics.

lara said...

wow, I never thought of that before. Great idea!