Friday, April 10, 2009

Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover!!!

She's cute right? Well, looks can be deceiving!!
This little cutie has been convicted of attempted murder as well as attempted arson!!!!!!

I innocently made my family home-made pizza last night for dinner and left the pizza stone on top of the stove to cool off before washing. Maybe I should have known better than to leave anything out with a bloodhound in the house. Let's just say the power of the nose almost killed us all last night.

It seems that Daisy wanted to see if there was a crumb left on the stove and when she jumped down from the gas stove, she turned the knob. Not enough to turn on the burner, just enough to fill the whole kitchen with gas fumes!!! I never put safety knobs on the stove because of my kids but I guess I will have to now.

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